Volunteer Now

Steps To Volunteer With Our Animals

** New volunteer applications will briefly be suspended as we look to find a Volunteer Coordinator. **

Step One: Examine your schedule and other commitments to see if you have the time to volunteer.

We ask for a minimum commitment of two hours a week for a minimum period of six months. Volunteering with our animals is so enjoyable that we hope you will continue to spend time with them after your minimum commitment is complete!

Step Two: Homework!

Understanding Volunteering Basics and the procedures we follow to keep our animals safe and healthy is of utmost importance. Please click on the animal's below with whom you'd like to interact, and study the protocols involved in animal handling and the basics of volunteering. These are essential things you need to know while interacting with our animals!

Understanding DogsUnderstanding CatsUnderstanding Rabbits

Step Three: Quiz!

Take our Volunteer Quiz to test your knowledge of Volunteer Basics and Animal Handling Protocols. Complete the Dog Walking, Cat Cuddling, or Bunny Buddy quiz and let us know which New Volunteer Orientation date/s would best fit in with your schedule.

Links will be posted soon!

Step Four: Receive an Invitation and attend a New Volunteer Orientation!

After reviewing your quiz, we will invite you to attend a New Volunteer Orientation. We will do our best to honor your requested date, but if we can't, we'll offer you alternative dates. Orientation space is limited. The sooner you submit your Quiz, the sooner you'll receive your invitation. At our Orientations we teach you hands-on animal skills, answer any additional questions you may have, and take you on a tour of our shelter. After your Orientation you will receive a Volunteer Button that you must wear each time you volunteer with our animals.