The Silver Society

Love is ageless.

The silver face of a senior pet is one of love and devotion. As their fur turns silver and their body becomes slower, their soul becomes stronger. Their body may continue to age, but their love for you will never fade.

These senior pets are truly special, and enrich our lives on a daily basis. This is why the Western PA Humane Society created the Silver Society, made up of senior dogs:  “Silver Muzzles” and senior cats and  bunnies:  “Silver Whiskers.”

Next time you come down to visit us at the Western PA Humane Society, please remember that best friends come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Take time to get to know our adoptable pets. You never know, you may just find your new best friend!

Open your heart and home to a member of our Silver Society today!

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Do you have a senior pet that has changed your life? Help us to celebrate senior pets by e-mailing your photo to and we can add it to our facebook page!