Requested Euthanasia

Owner-Requested Euthanasia

At the Western PA Humane Society, we are here for you when the time comes that you must make the difficult choice of putting your animal to sleep.

Euthanasia Should Be A Last Resort

Before surrendering your animal for euthanasia, please exhaust all options that could prevent the need for such a procedure.

  • For behavioral and aggression issues, contact our behavior department for options and classes
  • For medical issues, please visit our clinic page and contact us for solutions.

Intake Surrendering vs. Clinic Scheduling

By surrendering an animal for Euthanasia through our intake system, you give up the privilege of being present during the procedure.

If you wish to be present during the procedure, please visit our clinic page and request an appointment.


The prices for services are as follows:

  • Feline/Canine, under 25lbs = $50.00
  • 26 - 50lbs = $70.00
  • 50 - 100lbs = $80.00
  • 100+ lbs = $1.00 per lb added to $80.00
  • Aggressive = add $50.00 to the above prices

Bite Law

Pennsylvania law states that we are unable to place animals for adoption who have bitten anyone in the previous 14 days.