An ID tag or microchip - something no dog or cat should ever be without.

Drive through most any neighborhood and you'll see posters advertising lost companion animals. In 2004, Western Pennsylvania Humane Society took in over 1,700 stray dogs and cats. Only about 10% of these stray animals had any identification such as an ID tag, license or microchip.

An ID tag affixed to the animals collar coupled with a permanent form of identification such as a microchip will provide maximum protection for your dog or cat should he become lost. ID tags and microchips save lives.

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society recommends that both dogs and cats - even those who stay indoors - wear collars and current ID tags at all times.

For extra protection in case the animal slips out of his collar, microchipping is available through our veterinary wellness clinic. The fee for microchip implantation is $29. No appointment is necessary.