This can be the most difficult time of your life!

Tips On Finding Your Pet:

Western PA Humane Society (Northshore) 412-321-4625, press 4
Animal Rescue League 412-661-6452 x-216
Animal Friends 412-847-7000
City Animal Control (if lost within city limits) 412-255-2036
South Hills Cooperative Animal Control 412-279-6911
Ferree Kennels 412-672-6699
Hoffman Kennels 724-468-5505
Monroeville Animal Control 412-856-3355
West Deer Animal Control (Serving West Deer Township only) 724-265-3680
Animal Control Services 724-746-4344

If your pet is lost outside of the city limits, call your municipality for your local animal control.

*When you find your pet, consider a microchip - it's a permanent form of identification.*

Found a Pet?

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Found wildlife?

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