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Get Smart!

To love your dog is to learn with your dog.

In every relationship, whether human or animal, communication is vital to understanding each other. Every class is an opportunity for learning more about your dog and spending quality time together. The classes (or learning sessions) teach key skills with positive reinforcement training methods.

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Dog Obedience Training

Class Types Offered:

BASIC: Foundation courses for learning beginner skills

ADVANCED: Continuing courses for sharpening skills and focus towards accelerated classes

CANINE GOOD CITIZEN (CGC) COACHING: AKC CGC program designed to recognize dogs with good manners and responsible pet owners

THERAPY DOG PREPARATION: Practice test exercises and prepare for animal assisted therapy work

C.L.A.S.S. (CANINE LIFE AND SOCIAL SKILLS): Developed by the Association of Pet Dog, the program is designed to help your dog navigate the outside world successfully

SPORTS & FUN: Learning through exercise, activities & entertainment

TUTORING: sessions for specific skills or behavior matters

Private consultations are offered on a limited basis.