WPHS and ARL Merge

New Organization Will Be One of Largest Shelters in PA

PITTSBURGH – September 30, 2016 – The boards of the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center (ARL) and the Western PA Humane Society (WPHS) approved a merger of the two animal welfare organizations, effective January 1, 2017. Each board met and voted individually at a meeting on September 29. The merger will result in a new organization that will be one of the largest open-door shelters in Pennsylvania.

“Over the years, the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center and the Western PA Humane Society have become more alike with regard to philosophies on animal welfare and the programs and services we offer,” says Joseph Vater, President of the Board of Directors, Animal Rescue League. “A merged organization will provide greater efficiencies in animal care processes, staff training and bringing best practices to one organization. We will be able to save more animals and serve more animals.”

Dan Rossi, currently the Executive Director of the ARL, will be the CEO of the merged organization, and Hala Nuemah, currently the Managing Director of the Humane Society, will serve as Chief Administrative Officer of the new organization. David Grubman, currently President of the Board of Directors of the Western PA Humane Society, will be President of the new Board of Directors.

“Our two organizations have a long history of collaboration,” Grubman says. “Now, by building on the strengths of each group, we will create a singular, more powerful voice that will enhance our outreach to the western PA region. It will be beneficial to adoptions, animal care, animal control and fundraising.”

With the merger, the locations of each organization will remain open. Business continues as usual at every location.

WPHS is located on the North Side, and ARL expects to move by year end from its current location to its new facility, both in the East End. ARL’s Wildlife Sanctuary in Verona also will remain open. No programs will be eliminated as a result of the merger, and staff reductions are not anticipated.

Work will begin immediately on the integration of the two organizations. “We have a lot of details to work out,” says Rossi, “but we will be launching this new organization with a talented, compassionate staff and a phenomenal group of volunteers. We’re excited about the expanded capacity and potential and the broad array of programs and services that will be under one organizational umbrella.”

About the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center (www.animalrescue.org)

The Animal Rescue League’s mission is to provide temporary shelter, food, medical attention, and comfort to all abandoned, neglected, and injured animals brought to us by the community; to restore lost animals to their owners or seek new homes for them, and to educate the public about the humane care of animals with a goal of reducing overpopulation.

About the Western PA Humane Society (www.wpahumane.com)

The mission of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate and humane services to enhance the lives of companion animals for families and the community; to educate and to prevent the cruelty of all animals in the region we serve.