Event Guidelines

So, you want to hold a fundraising event?

Thanks for your interest in raising money to support the animals and people at the Western PA Humane Society. The term we use to describe this type of event is “Third Party Event.” Because we value your willingness to help, we have put together these handy guidelines to help you in planning.

What is a Third-Party Event?

A Third-Party event is any fundraising activity by a non-affiliated group, organization or individual which benefits the Western PA Humane Society (WPHS) and where WPHS has no financial responsibility and minimal or no staff involvement is required. We strive to support Third-Party fundraising events to the greatest extent possible with the resources we have, however we kindly ask that all such events follow WPHS guidelines and be approved in advance. Please submit Third-Party Event Proposals at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event or fundraiser. At least thirty days advance notice is preferred. Each proposal will be carefully reviewed to ensure compatibility with our organization’s mission, goals and objectives.


The following guidelines have been developed to protect individuals, organizations and corporations hosting events (“Sponsor”) and Western PA Humane Society (WPHS).

  1. Third-Party events cannot be in conflict with WPHS mission to promote the humane treatment of animals, to prevent cruelty to animals, and provide education to enhance the human-animal bond.
  2. Sponsor is responsible for all event coordination, marketing/promotion and sales.
  3. All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds that will benefit WPHS.
  4. Any use of the WPHS logo or inclusion of Western PA Humane Society name must be  approved by WPHS at least two weeks in advance of the event. Any contact with press or other media must be coordinated with WPHS.
  5. WPHS cannot finance any expenses related to a Third-Party Event or assume responsibility for any debts incurred.
  6. Sponsor agrees to coordinate with and request permission from WPHS before soliciting any individuals, organizations or businesses in order to avoid duplicated efforts.
  7. Sponsor must state the terms of the donation that WPHS can expect from the event and submit the donation within thirty (30) days of the event.
  8. Any donation made to or on behalf of the WPHS, whether the donation is an item or cash, is tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to WPHS. Donations made for the benefit of Western PA Humane Society, but that are received by an outside party (Sponsor) do not qualify for a tax deduction as permitted by law.
  9. Donors to Third-Party events who wish to be receipted must make checks payable to Western PA Humane Society and provide an address. Cash donations must be received with a list of donors, addresses and specific amounts, otherwise cash will be collected as an anonymous gift. Cash should not be deposited into a personal account in order to write WPHS a check for the amount. If the event is a benefit event (e.g., benefit concert), the donor will only be receipted for the donation amount minus the fair market value of the benefit.
  10. When a portion of the ticket price or suggested donation from a participant of the Sponsor’s event is not tax-deductible, the Sponsor must clearly state this on all materials.
  11. Due to limited resources, WPHS cannot guarantee WPHS staff or volunteers will attend the event.
  12. WPHS typically does not solicit participation from our supporters for Third-party events and cannot approve third-party use of WPHS mailing lists.

Western PA Humane Society reserves the right to decline participation or cancel participation in an event for any reason. Generally, the following events will NOT be approved:

  • Events that do not adhere to WPHS Third-party Event Guidelines
  • Raffles
  • Events that require significant attendance from WPHS staff or volunteers
  • Events scheduled in close proximity to a WPHS fundraising event
  • Events that are controversial in nature or do not represent a positive image for WPHS

After you have reviewed the above guidelines, please complete the Third-Party Event Proposal Form online at wpahumane.org/form/host-event. Once the proposal has been received, WPHS staff will review your proposal and notify you of any  questions/concerns. Thank you again for your support of Western PA Humane Society!


For more information or questions, contact:

Caitlynn Warren, Special Events Coordinator
Email: Phone: 412.321.4625 X 223