Conflict of Interest Statement

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

Conflict of Interest Statement


The following statement will be signed annually by the individuals mentioned below.

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (WPHS) Board of Directors, officers, members, supervisory employees, and other individuals acting on behalf of the WPHS shall be made aware of and conform to the following policies. The intent of these policies is to avoid any assumption or appearance of conflict of interest or unauthorized representation of WPHS. Conflict of interest as defined as, but not limited to, activities that oppose, detract from, or in some manner could become detrimental to WPHS as described in the bylaws, policies, and guidelines.

  1. No individual has the authority to act on behalf of the WPHS except with such authority as
    outlined in the bylaws or approved by the board or executive director.
  2. No individual is authorized to use the WPHS name or logo or any terminology implying WPHS sponsorship or endorsement without prior written approval of the WPHS executive director.
  3. Individuals acting on behalf ofthe WPHS shall not participate in any WPHS-related decision or action in which they have a financial interest unless such participation is authorized by the board after full disclosure of all relative factors. Ifa board member perceives hefshe may have a conflict of interest with a specific committee or board agenda item, he/she is encouraged to abstain from voting on that particular agenda item.

    WPHS board members have the option of participating in WPHS activities, but cannot be financially compensated for his or her involvement. The board member can request that a financial contribution be made to WPHS.
  4. Duality of interest or possible conflict of interest on the part of any individual acting on behalf of WPHS shall be fully disclosed to WPHS officials prior to entering into any formal relationship with any person, group, or organization. The undersigned shall not use any confidential information acquired through or from WPHS for personal profit or advantage. The undersigned shall not accept or seek from any individuals or entity conducting or interested in conducting business with WPHS a gratuity favor, loan, or gift greater than nominal value beyond the common courtesies usually associated with accepted business practice.
  5. No board member shall either chair a national committee or sit on the board of directors of any other organization that is in competition with WPHS.


The governing body will disclose conflict and appearances of conflict of interests.


  1. Names of board members and their professional profiles are maintained at the North Side office.
  2. Each board member is required to complete a conflict of interest and board member information statement annually; beginning at the time the member is elected to the board.
  3. The President will review conflict of interest issues with the board at any time that they
    may arise.
  4. Each board member is responsible for declaring any potential conflict of interest. If a
    conflict arises, he/she would refrain from voting at the discretion of the President.
  5. Matters of conflict of interest will be addressed by the board.