Advanced Education

Advanced Level Courses

Once your dog has graduated from the basics, consider moving on to advanced level. These activities are the next step for you and your dog to mastering skills and teamwork.

TUTITION FEES: $100.00 per dog

VACCINE REQUIREMENTS: Age Appropriate Vaccinations

*If your dog has harmed or is a threat to people or other dogs, do not register for a group class. Please contact us at about options.*

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Advanced Manners

Age appropriate: 5 months and older
Prerequisite: Puppy Preschool, Teen Basic Manners, Adult Basic Manners or Small Dog Basic Manners

Since you were having so much fun ... continue to learn more! This course turns loose lead walking into heeling, extends your dogs stays, practices calming exercises and politely greeting strangers. This is the 2nd step for your puppy that is on the pathway to canine good citizenship.

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Bully Breed Advanced Manners

Age appropriate: 10 months and older
Prerequisite: Adult Basic Manners or Bully Breed Basic Manners

Don't stop now ... let's bring out the best in your bully! This course will fine tune heeling, increase duration and distance in a stay position, practice reliable recalls and plenty more. This is the 2nd step towards achieving bully breed ambassadorship.

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Super Dog

Age appropriate: 6 months and older
Prerequisite: Advanced Manners

It's a sit! It's a stay! It's Super Dog! Step three in our puppy series prepares you for AKC Canine Good Citizen testing. This class builds your pup's confidence by exposing them to wheelchairs, crutches, elevators and other objects. Since practice makes perfect, you and your pooch will sharpen the basics of good behaviors. Also, this class beneficial for progressing to Adult Basic - Level 2 or CGC/TDI courses.

Most classes offer the opportunity to take the Canine Good Citizen test (for additional cost).

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