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We want to give a special warm welcome to our newest Adoption Angel, Blua! This sweet baby has found herself at the Western PA Humane Society with a very severe injury to her hind leg. Upon further examination, we discovered that Blua was suffering from a severely broken leg that was putting this 10-month-old girl in a large amount of pain. Our shelter Veterinarians had to quickly do surgery to amputate Blua's leg so that she could jump onto the road to recovery and a new forever home. Even throughout all of the pain, Blua is a delightful patient and can't get enough love and snuggles from everyone around her. Blua will be spending a few weeks recovering in her foster home before can search for her new family just in time for the Holidays.

Our Adoption Angels Fund allowed us to preform this life saving surgery on sweet Blua. Donations to our Adoption Angels Fund are needed so that we can continue to help animals like Blua to find their forever homes. To help us continue to save the lives of innocent animals, DONATE TODAY!

How You Can Help

Assistance for these medical expenses is urgently needed. If you would like to become an Adoption Angel, please CLICK HERE to make a secure donation on-line, or mail a check payable to Western PA Humane Society. Please write "Adoption Angels" on the Memo line and send your check to the Western PA Humane Society at 1101 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh 15233.

If you have any questions, email or call 412-321-4625 Option 4, and we would be happy to help. Thank you so much for your support!

As with all of our pets, we must follow guidelines to only placing behaviorally and medically sound animals up for adoption. Donation does not guarantee that benefitting animals will meet the criteria for adoption, but it can greatly improve their chances.

Past Featured Angels


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie arrived at the Western PA Humane Society as a stray in rough shape in the Manchester Neighborhood on August 8th. After a medical examination, it was determined that he had a severe case of mange that covered his entire body. He also had severe bacterial and yeast skin infections which was the cause of his extreme hair loss. In addition to his poor skin condition, he had a proptosed third eyelid which is commonly known as Cherry Eye. The amazing thing about Pumpkin Pie is that even after enduring all of these medical hardships, his little Mastiff tail has never stopped wagging!



Dega is an adorable Australian shepherd mix who arrived at the Western PA Humane Society in fair condition except for a visible limp. While waiting for a diagnosis on her leg injury, Dega's road to adoption was hampered by a urinary tract infection and then contracting kennel cough. Poor Dega was sick for several weeks, but she always had enough energy to give her tail a wag when she recognized a friend! After finally being medically cleared, Dega underwent surgery to correct a cruciate tear in her left hind leg. This type of surgery is expensive and has a long recovery period! Thanks to her wonderful foster family, she remained in their home while she searched for her forever home, travelling back and forth on the weekends. Finally, the perfect adopters fell in love with her and she was adopted. Way to go, Dega!



Sophia first arrived at the shelter in January 2012. Not only was she in poor condition herself, but she was also nursing 3 tiny kittens. Both Sophia and her kittens went to a foster home until they were healthy enough to be available for adoption. That is not where Sophia’s store ended, however. While her kittens were in good shape, Sophia had had a rough time. You might have noticed that her ears are deformed, which is suspected to be from old hematomas that were never attended to. And the poor girl only has 2 teeth remaining, one of which is broken but not painful and the other has mild gingival recession. It is no wonder that she loves her canned pureed cat food! Several weeks after being available for adoption, Sophia found her perfect adopters and went home!

Brighton Full

Brighton (Cowley)

Brighton is a sweet little pup who stole the hearts of the staff at the Western PA Humane Society. She came to the shelter at just 3 months old, so under normal circumstances she would have been considered highly adoptable. But, Brighton’s journey would not be that easy. She arrived at the shelter with a broken leg; a break so severe that it needed surgery to properly heal. Now that she has had her surgery, she is comfortably recovering in a foster home. Now that Brighton has been medically cleared, she has been made available for adoption.



Meet our newest Adoption Angel Fund recipient, Lulu the Shih Tzu mix puppy. She was surrendered to us from people who purchased her in Ohio. She started acting ill in February, and they waited a month before realizing that they were unable to afford her much needed tests and medical care. Upon her arrival at the shelter on March 30th, our staff noticed that she was not behaving like a normal puppy. After a series of blood work, our medical team suggested that we take her to a specialist for more diagnostics, suspecting a possible liver shunt.

The specialist agreed with our medical staff, and Lulu was scheduled to have surgery to fix her portosystemic shunt and bladder stones. She had to stay at the veterinary hospital for several days on seizure watch. After she was released, she went directly into a loving foster home, where her health has slowly been improving. As a side effect of the surgery she developed a common condition called ascites, making her belly swell with fluids. After taking the time needed to heal, Lulu went home to a very lucky adopter. She now has other pup siblings and has been busy claiming her favorite places to curl up and be her cute little self.



Emma came to WPHS after being hit by a car. This sweet girl had extensive injuries to her rear leg and had to be taken to a specialty surgeon to have it repaired. After a 2+ hour long surgery, she had a plate and 12 screws to mend her severe break. Emma also tested positive for heartworm, so the road ahead of her is a long one. She is now recovering in a foster home where she can take the time to heal from not only her break, but her heartworm as well.



Our newest featured Adoption Angel is Pepper, the adorable 2 year old yellow lab. Pepper was brought to the Western PA Humane Society in April. He was ready to be made available for adoption when the staff noticed that he was favoring his rear leg. Radiographs showed that he had osteophytes in his rear right stifle joint. These can be caused by chronic inflammation. In Pepper’s case, this was caused by either degenerative joint disease (DJD) or a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture. As soon as it could be scheduled, Pepper had surgery on the joint in question so that he could regain full use and prevent further injury. He has since been recovering in a loving foster home. Every day seems to bring more comfort and mobility, and his shining personality it really coming through!



Panama found his way to the Western PA Humane Society thanks to his own “engine-uity.” A kind driver stopped on the West End Bridge after spotting him injured on the side of the road. Before the driver could grab him, he hopped right into her car’s engine. Seeing that he was in a “safe” area, the driver quickly drive over the our North Shore shelter where she and one of our employees coaxed the poor injured Panama out of the engine and into our medical team’s hands. Our veterinarians determined that Panama was suffering from a fractured jaw and a few cuts and scrapes around his face. He was taken to PVSEC, where they wired his jaw so that is could properly mend. His foster mother diligently administered numerous pain medications until he was healed and finally adopted.



My name is Colombo, and I found myself at WPHS as a stray. I was examined by their amazing veterinarians, and they found that before I was born my top eyelids did not form properly; a condition called “coloboma.” Maybe that’s how I got my name! The problem with this condition is that without this top eyelid, my fur comes into contact with my eyes, constantly irritating them. I have no problem closing my eyes to take cat naps, but when I am awake, I am in pain. My first line of treatment was a twice daily ointment. This bothered me in the beginning, but then I realized how much better my poor eyes felt! After following this regimen I was able to gradually open my eyes much wider, which made me feel like a normal kitten. Now that they feel better I cannot get enough head scratches, nose nuzzling, and playtime. The veterinarians at WPHS spoke with an ophthalmologist, and decided that freezing hair follicles near my eyes will prevent the fur from growing back, alleviating my pain. This process was about $1000, but was well worth it! While I awaited this medical procedure, I was fostered by my favorite WPHS veterinarian, who has been very patient with my ailment. Once I was deemed healthy, I was adopted by an employee at PVSEC!



My name is Mia and I arrived at the WPHS shelter because my owner was ill and could no longer take care of me. Soon after admission, the shelter staff noticed that my left knee seemed swollen and I walked with a limp. Examination by our veterinary staff showed bilateral luxating patellas (kneecaps) as well as a severe heart murmur. I was then evaluated at a local specialty center and the vet there said I need surgery to fix my knees so I can walk and run like a normal dog. Depite my medical issues, I am the happiest of dogs. I love to bury my toys in blankets, give kisses, snuggle and give paw. The kind people who donated to the Adoption Angels Fund gave me a second chance at a fabulous life!


Meet Layla! I somehow found myself wandering the streets, scared and lonesome. I tried to cross a busy street, and then I don't remember anything else until I woke up and saw a man with very kind eyes smiling down at me. Here's the rest of Layla's story. She arrived at the Western PA Humane Society as a stray, in shock, and barely able to move due to fractured hind leg that had become infected. We guessed she had been hit by a car several days prior. She was rushed to PVSEC and was treated for sepsis, a life-threatening infection. Her health was touch and go, but the intensive care unit staff worked hard to stabilize her. It was determined that the only way to save her life would be to remove her fractured, infected leg. After surgery, Layla improved dramatically. She is now recovering with her foster family, practicing her snuggling skills, and cruising around on three legs.

Without your support, Layla's story may have had a very different ending. Her surgery and ICU stay were extremely expensive for the Western PA Humane Society. Your contributions to our Adoption Angel Fund allows to us continue to help give stories like Layla's happy endings.


Susie arrived at the Western PA Humane Society on a rainy, dreary day after being found abandoned in an apartment complex.  When we opened our doors to help Susie, she was in very poor condition.  Her white coat was dirty and matted and she had an incredibly infected eye.  After a more in depth medical evaluation with our veterinarians, we also discovered that Susie had a extremely painful hip. X-rays revealed that her right hip was dislocated.  This poor pup needed a lot of mending!  Our veterinarians had to remove Susie’s infected eye .  They then arranged for her to  visit our friends at PVSEC to have her dislocated hip surgically fixed.  We secured a foster home for Susie, where she is now recovering and having physical therapy for her leg.  Despite everything that Susie has been through, she is the sweetest little girl!  The story may not have had such a happy ending without the generosity of our Adoption Angels.