Admission Procedure

Please be patient and wait your turn. You can expect an average of 20 minutes per animal to enter information, process paperwork, administer vaccinations and set up a kennel or cage.

  • Please sign in, take a seat in the waiting area & contain the animal
  • Please complete the animal questionnaire (front & back) while you wait
  • Have a photo ID and your phone number available; this information is needed to enter the animal into our computer system.
  • If you have current vaccinations records available, please provide a copy

A counselor will ask questions about ownership, medical & behavior background and other information that is helpful in understanding your pet. You are required to sign a release form with a counselor signing as a witness to complete admission of the animal.

Abandonment of an animal is a crime - Do not leave an animal.

It is not acceptable to give away the animal on our property.

Admission Guidelines

General: If there are concern of or evidence with aggression issues either toward people or other animals, we may make the determination to humanely euthanize the animal immediately. If the animal is suffering, has health complications or has a contagious diagnosis, we may make the determination to humanely euthanize the animal immediately.

Cats: We do not place cats that test positive for feline leukemia, a contagious and fatal disease. Prior to placement determination, we will test the cat.
Feral (Wild) Cats: We do not place feral (wild) cats that cannot be handled or that need to be trapped. They are not adoptable and do poorly in the shelter.
Trap-Neuter-Release is an option for feral cats. We offer a program which spay or neuter, vaccinate and ear tip feral cats before releasing into a feral colony.

Kittens (Under 8 Weeks Of Age) Without Mother Cat Present: Kittens under 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 2 pounds do poorly in the shelter and unable to thrive without mother cat providing for them.

Dogs (6 Months Of Age Or Older): Our trained staff assesses dogs behaviorally after 24 to 48 hours. The ASPCA MYM SAFER is a seven item aggression assessment that identifies the dog's comfort level with restraint & touch, reaction to new experiences, bite inhibition, behavior around food, bones & toys, and arousal level toward other dogs. If there is concern of or evidence of aggression issues toward people or other animals, the dog will not be placed for adoption.

Strays: Strays are listed on our website for 48 hours after admission. Our Lost & Found staff will trace identification tags or microchip tags in order to reunite the animal with their family. In accordance with PA State Law, if the animal is not reclaimed by the owner in 48 hours, the animal is considered the property of the animal shelter. After 48 hours, our staff will assess the animal's behavior and medical status.

Animal Has Been Bitten: If there is concern of or evidence of puncture wound(s) without a current vaccine history or any other signs of rabies are exhibited with an animal released to the shelter, the animal will not be placed for adoption. In accordance with PA State Law & PA Agriculture regulations against rabies, the animal will be humanely euthanized and delivered to the Health Department.